Principal Investigator

Martin_smMartin M. Monti, Ph.D.

Ideator, Creator, and Supreme Ruler of the MontiLab.

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Postdoctoral Scholar 

Daniel Toker, Ph.D

Lord of Chaos

Working on: Using graph theory, information theory, and nonlinear dynamics to characterize what’s happening in the brain whenever it’s unconscious – be it from seizures, anesthesia, or traumatic brain injury. 

Graduate Students


Alessandra Dallavecchia

Static Shock (GS in the Cognitive Neuroscience program)

Working on: My work centers around studying criticality in the brain and its potential relationship with consciousness. Specifically, I am interested in exploring large-scale neural dynamics and information processing during wakefulness, using perturbational methods such as concurrent transcranial magnetic stimulation and electroencephalography (TMS-EEG).


ch2betZoe Lee

GS in the Cognitive Neuroscience program



Amber Hopkins

Countess of Consciousness (GS in the Cognitive Neuroscience program)

Working on: Combining non-invasive brain stimulation techniques, including TUS and TMS, with neuroimgaing methods, including MRI and EEG, to investigate how subcortical and cortical structures interact to support consciousness. 



Sonya Ashikyan

Queen of Cognition (GS in the Cognitive Neuroscience program)

Working on: Investigating mild traumatic brain injuries and cognitive impairments using MRI. Understanding the relationship of language and theory of mind processes in the Broca’s area using TMS and MRI.

Former Lab Members

Giacomo Bertazzoli, Ph.D.




Micah Johnson, Ph.D.




Sienmi-Evan-409Evan S. Lutkenhoff, Ph.D.



Federico Micheli





Jeff Chiang, Ph.D.





John Coetzee, Ph.D.




Julia Sophia Crone, Ph.D.




Amy Zheng, Ph.D.




John Dell’Italia, Ph.D.



Josh Cain, Ph.D.




Joel Frohlich, Ph.D




Branden Bio

MontiLab RA (Currently a graduate student at Princeton University)




Matthew Rosenberg

MontiLab RA (Currently a graduate student at CalTech)




Shawn M. Callahan

UG student at UCLA




Liz Brinson

UG student at UCLA