The MontiLab is hiring!

The lab is expanding, we are looking for new graduate students and post-docs!

We have lots of new projects in the domain of both Consciousness and Language & Thought.

What are we looking for? Passionate, curious, problem-solving, and open-minded young scientists. Good GPA and previous research experience (even in other fields) are a plus, and so are experience in neurostimulation, neuroimaging, and/or with clinical populations. This said, I have learned that talent comes in many forms, so if you have the key qualities above contact us.

Examples of skills/keywords/projects we are looking for you to have experience with or interest in learning, being part of, and developing (this is an incomplete list; you can also hit me up with your *dream* topic within consciousness and language & thought and we can take it from there!):

  • Consciousness:
    • Neurostimulation: Low Intensity Focused Ultrasound (LIFUP); Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation and EEG (i.e., Perturbational Complexity Index)
    • Behavioral: What does it feel like to recover from a coma?
    • Animal work: optogenetics in the rodent model (for understanding cortical-subcortical interactions and their potential role in consciousness)
    • Neuroimaging: fMRI/EEG in disorders of consciousness
  • Language & thought:
    • Neurostimulation: Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation/Theta Burst Stimulation
    • Behavioral: Interference studies of language and thought
    • Neuroimaging: the role of language (if any) in structure-dependent cognition

Interested? Contact us at